Cripple Creek Antler Co. - Quality Antler Lighting, Furniture & Decor


About Us—A Commitment to Quality

Cripple Creek Antler Co. has been creating quality antler lighting, furniture and antler decor items since early 1991. Cripple Creek Antler is a northern Wisconsin based business that features handcrafted lighting, furniture and decor items with an antler motif. Creating beautiful and functional antler products from the raw material nature has cast off.

The owners, Mark and LInda Herrick, are serious about the quality, creativity, and functionality or their antler products. From small beginnings Cripple Creek Antler has grown into one of the few top-quality antler chandelier, antler lighting, and antler decor producers for both home and commercial enterprises in the country. Mark and Linda are, and have always been, detail oriented and make sure their customers always get the best.

"At Cripple Creek Antler Company, customer service and satisfaction is our #1 commitment," says Mark. "We feel that people want products that are of the highest quality. Our business has grown to its current level mainly due to word-of-mouth and repeat business. We achieve our quality status by making sure each process is to its highest potential before moving on. This starts with hand picked antlers, using only the best #1 grade!"

Mark continues, "The finish work of the product is a very meticulous step, and one that few antler people do, because it's our 'trade secret'. At Cripple Creek Antler, nothing is ever done that's 'good enough', because we make high end products! Come and see the difference for yourself. We challenge you to look at the others first and then come buy from us!"

Give Mark or Linda a call at 715-356-4024 or email them with any questions you might have about their products or custom designs for your home or business.