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Antler Accents for Any Decor—Mirrors and More

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The natural beauty of real antler and the warm glow of wood fit into most any decor. We create a wide variety or real antler accent items. Our antler and butternut wood plaque mirrors are stunning! Very simple, not overdone with antler. The sizes vary, some small, some very large. All are oval shaped to accommodate those hard to decorate spaces between doors and windows. The beautiful butternut wood of our deer antler mirrors is the same as our antler wall sconces so you can create a mix of accent pieces and wall lighting. The antler mirror mounting plaques are a satiny smooth finish created with multiple coats of durable varnish. View all of our Antler Mirrors.

Moose and Deer Antler Fireplace Poker Sets

Accent your hearth with a moose antler poker set. Antler fireplace poker sets are available in black, antique brass or polished brass pieces with either a Moose Antler or Mule Deer Antler base and antler handles. These five-piece sets are as beautiful as they are functional and they make great gifts! View our Antler Fireplace Sets.

Visit our shopping area to see more sample of antler mirrors and other accent pieces. If you want to discuss your decor and how our products can enhance it please give us a call at 715-356-4024. View our secure online shopping to see all our Antler Accent Pieces.

antler wall shelf antler handle serving tray, antler bookends, antler candle holder Whitetail Deer Antler Wall Shelf Whitetail Deer Antler Book Ends Whitetail Deer Antler Candle Holder Whitetail Deer Antler Candle Holder More Antler Accent Pieces

We create quality real antler accent items to fit any budget. They also make a memorable gift. Here's a list of just a few of the pieces available to enhance the atmosphere of your lake cabin or home:

Butternut Wood Shelves with Antlers

Shelves can be made to suit your needs. Sizes range from quite small to very large. The antler that is cradled underneath can be Whitetail, Mule Deer, Fallow, or small Moose or Elk. Pick your size, pick your antler! View our Antler Shelves.

Whitetail Deer Antler Candle Holders

Everyone needs one of these! They look great in any "lodge look" room, whether it's in the living room, dining room or even the bathroom! And they make great center pieces for the table—just add a little evergreen and some pinecones and you've got a stunning look! View our Antler Candle Holders .

Antler Book Ends

Beautiful in the den or on a table in the living room! Perfect as a gift! The butternut plaques serve as the wood to cradle a whitetail antler on each side. What a great display for a rack! View our Antler Book Ends.

And More...

If you want to discuss your decor and how our products canenhance it please give us a call at 715-356-4024 or fill out our contact form for more information and we'll contact you. View all of our Antler Accents.