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Antler Chandeliers

moose antler chandelierMoose Antler Chandeliers

A picture cannot do justice to the magnificent expanse of a moose antler chandelier! Imagine the play of light and shadow from the glow of your fireplace as the light brings to life the rugged beauty of one of natures most impressive sights—the great palmmated expanse of a set of moose antlers. The moose antler is by far the most magnificent of all the antler types. It's heaviness makes it ideal for areas where little additional light is needed, hanging either in a large window or in the center of any cathedral or vaulted area.

More than just a single set, you can select a moose antler chandeliers with either eight or eleven top-quality moose antlers. Our most popular moose antler chandelier combinations:

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Elk Antler ChandelierElk Antler Chandelier

Elk Antlers make the largest possible chandeliers. They are lengthy, sturdy and their majestic grace is perfect for areas where more light is needed. Perfect for in front of a fireplace or in the center of a cathedral ceiling or vaulted foyer. The beauty of a stately elk antler chandelier is hard to beat. We use elk antler in a lot of our commercial installations for that reason.

Here are some our most popular elk antler chandelier sizes:

Visit our Commercial Design section or the Sample Home Design page for other samples of Elk Antler Chandeliers. Give us a call at 715-356-4024 or contact us for more information or is you need a special design to fit your area.


whitetail deer antler chandelierWhitetail Deer Antler Chandelier

Whitetail deer antler chandeliers are our most popular antler chandelier. The contour on a whitetail deer antler is perfect for creating an aesthetically pleasing and symmetrical ring. Our outstanding traditional chandelier is great above a dining room table or in a foyer!

Here are some of the whitetail deer antler chandelier sizes:

The small, medium and large whitetail antler chandeliers are also available in "low profile" style for closer fit to the ceiling. To match your whitetail deer antler chandelier design needs we can also use mule deer antler uprights to add more height while maintaining an aesthetic design.

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mule deer antler chandelier 2 tier

Mule Deer Antler Chandelier

The mule deer antlers of the Mule Deer Antler Chandeliers are straighter and taller than Whitetail Antlers, making them the perfect antler for chandeliers that need to have more diameter yet still be delicate. Great for hanging above a dining room table, foyer or in front of a fireplace!

Here are some of the mule deer antler chandelier sizes:

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