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Antler Furniture

glass top moose antler table and glass top deer antler tableGlass Top Moose Antler Tables

Our latest creation—glass top antler tables let you see all the natural beauty of an impressive set of moose antlers. The moose antler tables have become our most popular antler furniture pieces. Three to four moose antlers go into it's construction. The super strong safety glass is secondary only to the beauty of the antlers below. The glass is hand-chipped and sand blasted for a smooth, safe edge creating a rugged look without the worry..

Glass Top Elk Antler Tables

Not to be outdone, the popular elk antler table will easily hold it's own sitting in front of your leather couch. The six elk antler base is accented with real pine cones and supports a beautiful glass top. The glass top is made from the same rugged safety glass as our moose antler tables.

We do not offer our antler tables as an online item in our shopping cart. Our antler table tops are glass and require special consideration during shipping. If you wish to purchase an antler table please give us a call and we can arrange special shipping and handling for the table. We would be glad to give you a quote for the additional shipping charges.

Give us a call to discuss your decor. Please give us a call at 715-356-4024 or fill out our contact form for more information.