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Antler Wall Sconces and Antler Wall Lighting

Antler wall sconcesAccent any area of your home with the warm glow of an antler wall sconce—from your private reading nook to your cabin's hallway. Our antler wall sconces and antler wall lighting fixtures are superb in their charm and quality. The beautiful butternut wood mounting plaques are hand crafted to a satiny smooth finish with multiple coats of durable varnish. We design antler wall lighting and wall sconces in a variety of sizes and globe styles to work with your decor. Choose from single or multiple whitetail deer antlerwall sconce designs. The sconces are available with either simulated rawhide shades for a classic warm glow, glass swirl bell shades for a diffused light, or glass globe for exterior applications.

To discuss lighting and fixture options please give us a call at 715-356-4024.

antler-wall-sconcesAntler Wall Sconces—You Choose the Style

We create antler wall sconces in a variety of styles from single-antler, two-light designs to double-antler sconces. For shades, choose from simulated rawhide, glass swirl bell, or glass glove for exterior applications. All of our antler wall sconces have U.L. approved electrical components and use only top quality antlers. The solid wood plaques have recessed mounting holes and come with hardwood plugs to cover the mounting screws. Electrical cords come with in-line switches or you can have your electrician mount them with a wall switch. Are you limited on floor space? Then add an antler wall sconce for that natural touch without loosing your valuable floor space.