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antler chandelier pine cone detailQuality and Attention to Detail

At Cripple Creek Antler Company, customer service and satisfaction is our #1 commitment. People want products of the highest quality. We achieve our quality status by making sure each step in the process is completed to its highest potential before moving on. This starts with hand picked antlers, using ONLY the best #1 grade! Each piece is carefully laid out to insure the finished product will be appealing to the eye. The antlers are then assembled and wired. The finish work of the product is a very meticulous step, and one that few antler people do, because it's our "trade secret". At Cripple Creek Antler, nothing is ever done that's "good enough", because we make high end products!  We challenge you to look at the others first and then come buy from us!

Quality begins with the selection of only the best antlers and continues through to the final finishing details. We have many trade secrets that set our antler products apart from others and give you only the best in a finished product. The quality of craftsmanship shows in the design detail of our finish work. We leave no unsightly screws or wires showing The final surface is restored and any holes required by the manufacturing process are virtually invisible.

We use only Grade 1 antlers in our antler designs. There are companies that use Grade 2 and Grade 3 antlers but we feel only a Grade 1 antler reflects the quality of our products. High-quality, Grade 1 antlers are the most difficult to find and the pricing reflects the rarity. A less costly antler chandelier, for example, is usually made from the lower quality Grade 2 and even Grade 3 antlers.

We're not afraid to show you our top quality workmanship. Click on the image to open a pop-up window and view a large detail image of the quality of our workmanship on a sample whitetail antler chandelier. See how the lighting fixtures are seamlessly mounted to the antlers. Notice too, the care taken in fitting the antlers together with no exposed bolts or screws. The wiring is also hidden and only exposed where needed.

We have many years of experience in creating magnificent chandeliers for large installations. The strength of our structural designs and way of attaching antlers together has been proven over time in massive chandelier installations. While not giving away any trade secrets, you can be assured of the strength of our creations no matter what your size requirements may be.

We only use natural antlers for our design. Artificial antlers or replica antlers at first glance may look like real antlers but cannot compare to the real thing. Plastic or resin molded antlers do not have the same beauty nor value of nature's designs.